German 1020: Elementary German II 

(Spring Semester 2007)


Dr. Lawrence Glatz


Office: Plaza 360H

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Please read the content of this syllabus carefully. It contains most of the general information that you will need for this course.

Please also note that the semester is broken into the chapters, assignments and exam dates, listed in the Course Calendar, which we will cover, but the exact pace is subject to change. You will find here information on the objectives of the course, required texts, student evaluation, attendance policy, examinations, and links to various German WWW resources.

To contact me outside of class or office hours, you can also make arrangements by phone or Email. In order to contact all students individually and as a group, please check your MetroConnect account regularly.

Please also review the policies of the Modern Languages Department at:

The NC (No Credit) option is available without the instructor's signature until February 13, 2007, and with the instructor's signature until March 30, 2007.


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Objectives of the Course


You are about to study German with the best materials on the market, working with Treffpunkt Deutsch, 4th Edition, which includes a textbook, a workbook, a video program on DVD, an interactive website, audio files on CD, audio files in the WWW, and a dictionary.

You learn from seeing (Germans, German landscapes, buildings, conversational situations and interviews, etc.) and hearing (Germans speaking, conversing, explaining and music), rather than from reading alone.

While all four language skills are practiced (speaking, listening, writing, reading), your listening and speaking skills will be superior to those who study from a book alone. Writing will be practiced in homework.

This course prepares the student to read and to communicate with ease in German. It emphasizes vocabulary and idiomatic phrases used in everyday language.

Enjoy your Multimedia experience and classroom interaction!  

If you have questions that you need to ask outside the class time or office hours, feel free to contact me!

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Required Texts


What are the required Texts? The following books are required:

Treffpunkt Deutsch Grundstufe, 4th Edition (Prentice-Hall, 2003). Textbook.

Treffpunkt Deutsch Grundstufe: Arbeitsbuch, 4th Edition (Prentice-Hall, 2003). Workbook.


In addition, there is a video program on DVD which is packaged with the two books at a dicounted rate:

Treffpunkt Deutsch Interactive DVD, 4th Edition (Prentice-Hall, 2003).

This DVD will also be available for use in all campus computer labs!


The Treffpunkt Deutsch Grundstufe website with interactive exercises is at: (Follow the "Jump to" link for each Chapter!)


Vocabulary in Audio Files will be available at:

These files are more than the selections that are included with the books on CD! (Each audio CD also plays on a CD player, not just on a computer!)


It is also recommended that students use the German-English/English-German dictionary which comes with the complete package.

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Student Evaluation


Students will have a final course grade based on the following work:

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Attendance Policy


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The course material will be tested in five chapter examinations. The Final examination will be comprehensive, covering the entire semester.

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TD = Treffpunkt Deutsch Lehrbuch (4th Ed. Textbook)

AH = Arbeitsheft (4th. Ed. Workbook)


Week One:

16.01. - Introduction, Objectives, Resources; Begin Chapter 5 TD: 154-157

18.01. - TD: 158-165; AH: 87-89; Quiz 1


Week Two:

23.01. - TD: 166-173; AH: 90-94; Quiz 2

25.01. - TD: 174-183; AH: 95-100; Quiz 3


Week Three:

30.01. - TD: 184-191; AH: 101-104; Quiz 4

01.02. - Test: Chapter 5; Begin Chapter 6 TD: 192-195


Week Four:

06.02. - TD: 196-202; AH: 111-114; Quiz 5

08.02. - TD: 203-207; AH: 115-118; Quiz 6


Week Five:

13.02. - TD: 208-213; AH: 119-122; Quiz 7

15.02. - TD: 214-219; AH: 123-125; Quiz 8


Week Six:

20.02. - TD: 220-227; AH: 126-128; Quiz 9

22.02. - Test: Chapter 6; Begin Chapter 7 TD: 228-230


Week Seven:

27.02. - TD: 231-237; AH: 135-138; Quiz 10

01.03. - TD: 238-242; AH: 139-142; Quiz 11


Week Eight:

06.03. - TD: 243-249; AH: 143-146; Quiz 12

08.03. - TD: 250-257; AH: 147-150; Quiz 13


Week Nine:

13.03. - TD: 258-265; AH: 151-153; Quiz 14

15.03. - Test: Chapter 7; Begin Chapter 8 TD: 266-267



20.03 - No Class

22.03 - No Class


Week Eleven:

27.03. - TD: 268-275; AH: 161-164; Quiz 15

29.03. - TD: 276-279; AH: 165-167; Quiz 16


Week Twelve:

03.04. - TD: 280-285; AH: 168-170; Quiz 17

05.04. - TD: 286-291; AH: 171-173; Quiz 18


Week Thirteen:

10.04. - TD: 292-299; AH: 174-176; Quiz 19

12.04. - Test: Chapter 8; Begin Chapter 9 TD: 300-302


Week Fourteen:

17.04. - TD: 303-308; AH: 181-184; Quiz 20

19.04. - TD: 309-315; AH: 185-188; Quiz 21


Week Fifteen:

24.04. - TD: 316-321; AH: 189-190; Quiz 22

26.04. - TD: 322-325; AH: 191-193; Quiz 23


Week Sixteen:

01.05. - TD: 326-331; AH: 194-196; Quiz 24

03.05. - Test: Chapter 9; Semester Review


Week Seventeen:

Final Examination: Exact Date to be announced!


The above outline is tentative. The exact dates may change somewhat depending on the pace of the class, but the scheduling of the tests is rather firm. The assignments for each one of the weeks may change somewhat. In any case, you will be kept informed throughout the semester.

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