German 2120: Cyberreise


·Resources to get started:

Most cities use the URL pattern - !!! 

Look at for all real train connections!

·Berechnen Sie die Kosten:



Bahn / Auto









Wie kommen Sie dahin?

Wo sind Sie?

Wann sind Sie da?

Warum sind Sie da?

Was machen Sie da?


·Images and links:


You will use a PB WORKS WIKI you set up for all to see at, or a more advanced one, if you know how!

(You could use the webpage editor in Open Office free from for making pages of your Cyberreise and then add the content to your WIKI.)


Highlight, Ctrl + c = copy in webpage, then in the document Ctrl + v = paste, adds the text or image or URL


Ctrl + Print Screen = captures the screen as an image


Right-button click on an image gives a menu for saving an image, perhaps to a USB Stick or Jump drive



·10 pages of present tense narrative including small pictures, screen captures and many, many links (direct to the page) of your 21 day (minimum 9 city - one to three nights per city) trip!

·Virus scan often and back-up frequently, especially if you are using MSCD computers!!!







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